Embroidery Formats

Compiled by Dan Moynihan (DTizer)
NOTE: This is still a work in progress. Anyone with information about formats not included here
(or corrections) should email that data to: DTizer@aol.com

Summary of Embroidery File Format Extensions
Artista (.ART --> vector*)
Babylock (.PEC, .PEL, .PES) -- Note: PES comes in Types 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 4.0
Barudan Beat 900 (.DC2, .DD2, .DM2, .DP2, DS2) --> 5 files per design in "Nogroups" directory
Barudan FDR "U code" {1.4 MB} (.T03, .U01 --> The 2 digits after U are the pattern number)
Barudan M7000 (.DAT --> file names are A01, A02, etc., .DIR)
Barudan (.EXY, .FXY, .UXY)
BasePac 5 by GiS (.ZSK)
Bernina (.PEL, .PES) -- Note: PES comes in Types 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4.0
Bits & Volts (.BRO)
Brother (.PEC, PEL, .PES, .PHC) -- Note: PES comes in Types 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4.0
Crosstitch (.KRZ)
Data-Stitch (.STX --> vector*)
EDS by Melco (.)
Elna (.SEW)
Elna Xquisite (.EMD)
Embird (.STX --Vector*)
EOS by Compucon Vers. 1 & 2 (.REF --> native vector*, .XXX)
EOS by Compucon Vers. 3 (.ERF --> native vector*, .REF --> vector*, .XXX)
ES-65 by Wilcom (ESL, .T01, .T03, .TO4, .TO5, .EMB --> vector*)
Gunold (.PCH, .STC)
Happy (.TAP)
Huamei (.DST, .DSB, .DSZ)
Husqvarna & Viking (.CSD, .HUS)
HyperStitch by Compucon (.REF --> native vector*, .XXX)
Inbro (.DST)
Janome --> formerly New Home (.JEF, .SEW)
Kenmore (.SEW)
Melco (.CND --> vector*, .EXP)
Microstitch (.STN)
Mitsubishi (.10o)
OESD Simon, Jr. fom Oklahoma(.OEF)
Origins (.ASD, .DST, .EXP, .HUS, .PES)
PE-Design 5 by Brother (.DST, .EXP, .HUS, .PEM, .PES)
Phaff (.KSM --> professional, .PCS --> home, .SEW)
Pfaff --> Macintosh (.PCM)
Pfaff --> Macintosh (.PCM)
Plauen (.t10)
POEM --> Huskygram (.CSD) --> for Macintosh CPUs
Proel DOS (.PUM)
Proel (.ARC, .PMU)
Prodigy (.PCD & .PCQ)
Punchant from Barudan () Discontinued
Punto by SofTeam (.PDC)
Richpeace (.DSB, .DST, .ZSK)
Saurer (.PAT, T15)
Shiffli (.ESL)
Singer (.XXX)
Singer EU (.CSD, .PSW)
Tajima (.DST, .DSB, .DSZ, .T01)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Microsystems (.KWK, .PED, .PSF)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Microsystems -Vers. 10 & up (.PXF)
TES from Barudan {an EOS clone} (.REF --> native vector*, .XXX)
Toyota (.10o)
Viking Designer 1 (.SHV)
Zangs (.T04)
ZSK (T05, .DOS, .DSZ)
 Comment: Where more than one format is indicated, the format may be dependent on model or version .
 * Note: Vector designs are resizable with the stitch count being adjusted in the process to maintain the original stitch length specifications for automatic walking stitches and step fills and original density settings in satin columns and step fills. Vector formats also permit changing these and other stitch parameters. Other names for vector elements include "blocks" and "objects".
File Format Conversion Software
PC Converters and Viewer
Buzz Tools is the main format conversion program available for embroiderers. It may be purchased and downloaded directly from the following website:
Buzz Tools is a great embroidery format conversion program that has a modest price tag of $99. Version 3.21 was current as of May 31, 1999.
This program converts embroidery designs obtained from websites on the internet or sent as email attachments to a variety of embroidery machine formats.
Buzz Tools supports conversion from these machine formats:
¥ CSD - POEM, Singer EU, Viking, Huskygram (Buzz Tools version 3 and above)
¥ DST - Tajima
¥ EXP - DOS Expanded
¥ HUS - Viking Husqvarna
¥ PES, PEC - Baby Lock
¥ PES, PEC - Bernina
¥ PES, PEC - Brother
¥ PCS - Pfaff
¥ PCQ, PCD - Pfaff (Buzz Tools version 3 and above)
¥ PSW - Singer
¥ SEW - Janome, New Home (Buzz Tools version 3 and above)
Conversion can be made to any of the following file formats:
¥ CSD - POEM, Singer EU, Viking Huskygram (Buzz Tools version 3 and above)
¥ DST - Tajima
¥ EXP - DOS Expanded
¥ DST - Tajima
¥ HUS - Viking Husqvarna
¥ PES - Baby Lock
   ¥ PES - Bernina
¥ PES - Brother
¥ PCS - Pfaff
¥ SEW - Janome New Home (Buzz Tools version 3 and above)
Most embroidery software packages can read at least one of these formats.
eXXXterminator is a multiple embroidery file conversion program that is less ambitious than Buzz Tools but handles a couple of embroidery formats that Buzz Tools does not.
eXXXterminator will read (load) the following embroidery formats:
¥ DST  - Tajima
¥ EXP  - DOS Expanded (Melco)
¥ ELA  - Tape
¥ KSM  - Pfaff professional
¥ PCS  - Pfaff home
¥ PEC  - Brother
¥ PES  - Brother
¥ SEW  - Janome
¥ XXX  - Singer      

eXXXterminator will write (save) the following embroidery formats only:
¥ DST  - Tajima
¥ EXP  - Dos Expanded (Melco)
¥ PCS  - Pfaff home